A couple of notes to follow up on what we talked about. 1. The outreach notes spreadsheet was a bit of a formatting disaster this morning. The biggest issue is that some students pasted their notes into the spreadsheet, not into a single cell of the spreadsheet, thus deleting the work of other students. We […]

Hi fellow community organizers, A. Thanks for the suggestion that we have a FQA to provide people with when we meet with them. I have created a blank google doc that we can use to write this document. Please add anything you think people would want to know – even if you do not know […]

Thanks for a fun class today! We are making great progress on the project and moving towards doing our community outreach. Just a few follow-ups from class today: 1. I have posted the agenda for class next Monday. The link is here: https://docs.google.com/a/uw.edu/document/d/1wU3Y96lcpAsUdvN_A3VNugpaAbr__c3feC093Zlsrtk/edit Please change/edit as you see fit. 2. I have changed the security […]

Hi all, I postponed this email as long as seemed reasonable to ensure that it was necessary, but alas, I will not be able to come to class o Monday AM. I have some kind of beginning of school flue thing and it is not getting any better today. So, in lie of meeting on […]

This event might be of interest to you if you liked the ‘Goose Approach’ reading for Monday and want more! ~ Amoshaun   Randy Stoecker Author of“The Unheard Voices: Community Organizations and Service-Learning” and “Research Methods for Community Change” Randy Stoecker’s areas of expertise  include community-university collaboration, community organizing and development, participatory action research/evaluation, service-learning, […]

Hi all, The video clips for Monday should be done before class. They will help us to understand the ABCD approach to community asset mapping. However, they are not streaming videos like youtube or vimeo. Instead, they are video files that you need to first download, and then open in a video player. So, download, […]

Hi all, Please take a moment to complete this survey before the end of the week. I will use this survey to help me create groups for the for the remainder of the quarter, and I would like to form those group by class on Tue, so a prompt reply is appreciated. https://catalyst.uw.edu/webq/survey/atoft/178884 Thank you! […]


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